Screws and Barrels for Plastic Extrusion ( Sheet Extruding & Laminating )

  • Screw Length: 8000mm
  • Screw Diameter: Ø16~Ø450mm
  • Barrel Length: 8000mm
  • Barrel Inside Diameter: Ø16~Ø450mm
  • Length Circularity Straightness
    50~1,000 mm 0.005 mm 0.005 mm
    1000mm~2000mm 0.01 mm 0.01 mm
    2000mm~4000mm 0.015 mm 0.015 mm
    4000mm~6000mm 0.02 mm 0.02 mm
    6000mm~8000mm 0.03 mm 0.03 mm
    The extruder screw and barre Nan Yun producing for plastic extrusion, sheet extrusion, sindgle screw extruder, polycarbonate extrusion, rubber extruder and double screw extrusion is able to continually provide high performance on the function of melt and convey in order to meet customers' need on precision.