Screws and Barrels for PVC Extrusion

  • Screw Length: 8000mm
  • Screw Diameter: Ø16~Ø450mm
  • Barrel Length: 8000mm
  • Barrel Inside Diameter: Ø16~Ø450mm
  • Length Circularity Straightness
    50~1,000 mm 0.005 mm 0.005 mm
    1000mm~2000mm 0.01 mm 0.01 mm
    2000mm~4000mm 0.015 mm 0.015 mm
    4000mm~6000mm 0.02 mm 0.02 mm
    6000mm~8000mm 0.03 mm 0.03 mm
    Nan Yun is one of most experienced screw and barrel design and manufacturer in Taiwan, who are manufacturing a wide array of PVC extruder Screw and Barrel which is the essential part of PVC extrusion machine.