Co-rotating Twin-Screw Extruder Screws/ Barrels

  • Screw Length: 8000mm
  • Screw Diameter: Ø16~Ø450mm
  • Barrel Length: 8000mm
  • Barrel Inside Diameter: Ø16~Ø450mm
  • Length Circularity Straightness
    50~1,000 mm 0.005 mm 0.005 mm
    1000mm~2000mm 0.01 mm 0.01 mm
    2000mm~4000mm 0.015 mm 0.015 mm
    4000mm~6000mm 0.02 mm 0.02 mm
    4000mm~6000mm 0.03 mm 0.03 mm
    The screw and barrel Nan Yun designes and manufactures for twin-screw extruder enables the continuous production of highly homogeneous and finely structured products, with more than 20 years of experience on twin extruder screw design, Nan Yun is able to provide highest production quality for customers