30 years of entrepreneurial experience in a distinguished and outstanding enterprise

Congratulations to Nan Yun Industrial for being commended by the Tainan City Economic Development Bureau!rs of entrepreneurial experience.

Becoming a distinguished enterprise with 30 years of entrepreneurial experience.

Throughout its journey, Nan Yun Industrial has achieved a remarkable milestone of 30 years, 

from initially renting a small factory to now owning two factories. 

This accomplishment is attributed to the dedication and perseverance of all the employees at Nan Yun Industrial.

Recently, we have also been keeping up with international trends by investing in carbon reduction and digital transformation. 

Through these innovative business approaches, we continue to contribute to societal value and strive towards sustainable development goals.

Additionally, congratulations to Mr. Guo, the senior management personnel of Nan Yun Industrial, for receiving the Distinguished Service Award!

We express our gratitude for his numerous contributions. 

This honor is well-deserved, and we look forward to him setting an example and leading the Nan Yun team to greater heights, together shaping a brighter future.